Decorative antiques including antique clocks

Decorative items from France, Sweden and the Netherlands harmonize beautifully with antique French furniture create to a relaxed lived-in environment. Decorative antiques come in various guises. Swedish Mora clocks with their curvaceous design and dry scraped paint are a good contrast to more linear forms seen in French country furniture. Candlestick lamps sit well on antique side tables, while antique light shades are the perfect choice to hang above French antique tables. Paintings and other wall art create decorative features to add the finishing touches to any room. Many garden antiques can also fall within the description of decorative antiques especially stone and marble items. If you are looking for that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ in any medium there is a French or Swedish antique to suit your antique decor. Textile items create a homely feel, while wood provides solid comfort. Wrought or cast iron antiques offer a more robust alternative. Lantiques forages the length and breadth of France selecting quirky individual pieces bringing French style and character to the market town of Petworth, West Sussex.

Antique lighting

French antique lighting includes bronze and ceramic oil lamps, either in their original form or converted to take an electric bulb and shade, which would make a real statement position on a pedestal table. Many old French gas lamps incorporate beautiful glass shades that have the capacity to inject a little bit of colour into a living room or study. For a more opulent feel an antique French chandelier would make a great talking point. To blend seamlessly with simple French country furniture a converted stone or wooden balustrade makes the perfect lighting choice. Antique standard lamps are an excellent way to brighten up any dark corner.

Antique clocks including Swedish Mora clocks

A floor-standing antique clock is an elegant way to make a space feel grown-up and sophisticated, and would be particularly suitable in a grand hallway or formal dining room. However, a Swedish Mora clock can look at home in almost any room. The curved top and appealing rounded shape blends aesthetically with a country-style or homely interior. The naturally distressed look adds to relaxed style. Mora clocks are so-called because they originated in the town of Mora in Sweden. These distinctive clocks began to be produced in the late 1700s and were produced in vast numbers in the following century. Interestingly, the production of these clocks was based on a cooperative of families from neighboring farms. Each family made a different part of the mechanism, which supplemented their income from farming. The purchaser would arrange for a case to be made after buying the clock mechanism. In complete contrast to the large, simple form of a Mora clock, antique French mantel clocks can offer a smaller, yet in no way discreet, alternative. Therefore if you are looking for statement as opposed to subtle there is a French clock to suit you. Often gilded and richly ornamented with foliage or floral designs or classical scenes, antique French clocks are the ultimate in sumptuous glamour. A candelabra clock with matching paired candelabra is the perfect adornment for a grand dining table or substantial mantelpiece.

Antique pictures and wall art

In addition to paintings and other pictures, wall art covers all kinds of objects or parts of objects, such as painted or carved panels, that have been re-purposed to display decorative detailing by hanging on the wall. A framed antique French oil painting would take pride of place above a mantelpiece or on a large wall. Smaller painted panels or carvings add interest to plain walls or recesses. A decorative sign board or antique map would make a more quirky addition to antique decor.

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