linen presses

Written by lantiques.

I must thank FACES for the simple and clear way in which they introduced the type of linen press that actually presses the linen, much like the modern irons do. I have always wondered why people would bother with cupboards designed specifically for holding linen and table cloths. Well, the guys at FACES have duly made their homework and discovered that people loved the creases and the shine a well pressed tablecloth or bed linen would display. They were popular in Europe and the Americas throughout the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. This classic 19c Dutch linen press is made in oak and though will not press the linen, it will neatly store it.

French Gueridon Tables

Written by lantiques.

Picasso dedicated two years of his artistic life to the study of the gueridon tables ( aka side tables, occasional tables, round tables ). The gueridons were so central to his work during the 1919-1920 period that in his biography, John Richardson dedicated them a whole chapter – The Gueridon. The author explains ‘Picasso's traditional attitude toward the bride who loved to sit for him made it very difficult to portray her in any but a traditionally representative way. To reconcile conventional love for Olga with his pursuit of modernity, he turned to the subject of the anthropomorphic guéridon, and applied it to Olga buy diflucan online instead of to himself. ‘ Well, you get the idea.
And he is certainly not the only one daydreaming about gueridon tables- they are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. They come in a multitude of styles and sizes- opulent, minimalist, maxi, country, modern, urban, extravagant/ small, large or medium- whatever the style, there will be one out there to fit snuggly into any decor. 

This 19c French round oak table with an exquisitely carved base and oval shape top is great for dining. As for seating, why not pair it with a set of six French high back upholstered chairs..?

Louis XV French buffet

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Louis XV era ( 1730 to 1760 ) was characterized by elegance and refinement, crafted by the most talenetd cabinetmakers in France. The wood of choice would be walnut and oak, while the typical ornamentation would include curved lines, flowers and oriental motives.

This outstanding 18c buffet in solid carved walnut with scalloped frieze displays deep rich patina with nutty walnut colour. Rare. With solid iron escutcheons and scrolled legs, it will look fabulous in any room it will adorn.

19c Swedish corner cupboard with original blue paint

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When decorating a space,  any designer will want to integrate the corners into the overall theme of the space.   And though the options abound ( treat it like you would treat any other area in the room) I think the specifically design corner cupboard , if well chosen, can make quite a statement- this 19c classic Swedish corner cupboard in original blue paint in 2 pieces will make a great backdrop for your collectibles.

Swedish painted secretary

Written by lantiques.

An antique Secretary Desk by the Goddard & Townsend Families ranks eight in top 10 most expensive antiques in the world. With a myriad of drawers and shelves to fit in a relatively small space, the secretaire is a medium for makers to show their ability. And since the 19c secretary desks were used mainly by women to write their correspondence, their design had to appeal to their feminine taste. After all, a beautifully written epistle required a beautifully crafted support. Very useful and at home in most modern environments, they make great home offices.
This painted Swedish secretaire in duck egg green will add extra colour and storage space in any room it will grace.

Swedish Mora Clocks

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The beach house in Something's Gotta Give has started a frenzy about Mora Swedish clocks. And we are grateful for both the movie and the inspiration as they buy tramadol brought the wonderfully unique Mora clocks back on designers radar. They are great at adding style and warmth to any room. 

why we love trumeau mirrors

Written by lantiques.

Because they are classic French antique mirrors. And because we love to pronounce the word- trumeau- slip it into the conversation and it will have the same effect as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious- it will say it all.

The word itself describes the space between the windows or doors, but it is used nowadays to describe a pier mirror/ above the mantle mirror. If you're lucky enough to have the space for a trumeau mirror in between two large doors spposing the windows, than that will be precisely the place for them- they will bring both light and garden indoors and serve as an objet d'art. With beautiful painting and/or carvings on the top part and sides, if original, they would have been part of the boiserie (paneling) of a room as was the fashion of the great houses of the 18th century.

They are now back in fashion and we all want a piece of it- they are a great talking point and, hung with thought and style, a trumeau mirror can be a true luxury item.

19c French gilt mirror with rococo motif

Written by lantiques.

The Rococo style was mainly used in furniture, silver and ceramics, rather than architecture and was fashionable during the mid 18th century.

French Rococo is characterized by natural motives- elaborate carved forms that resemble Ss and Cs, stylized acanthus leaves, all in an assymetric display. Because the movement was created by craftsmen, the hand-worked decoration is paramount in Rococo design.

This 19c French mirror with rich muted gilding features beautifully carved leaves is reminiscent of the rococo motif and will bring glamour to any decor.